Integral Action Actuators and Accessories

Integral Action Actuators and Accessories

Integral Action actuators have an extruded aluminum alloy ASTM6005 body with hard anodized and powder polyester painted options such as blue, orange, yellow.

The pinion fully conforms to the latest standards of ISO5211,DIN3337,NAMUR. The dimensions can be customized also available in stainless steel. The twin rack pistons are die-cast aluminum and anodized. High performance preloaded coated springs are made from high quality material for longer cycle life and corrosion resistance.

Bearings and guides are made from low friction, long-life compound material, to avoid direct contact between metals. The maintenance and replacement are easy and convenient.

NBR rubber o-rings provide trouble-free operation at standard temperature ranges. For high and low temperature, viton or silicone is used.

Integral Action Actuators

Actuators provided by Integral Action
Integral Action's actuators are available with an air connection of G1/4"(1/4"NPT) in the following models that correspond to the dimensions in the diagrams below:


IA-40 308028.536.56065203650M5 x 8M6 x 101114120
IA-52 30803041.57265203650M5 x 8M6 x 101114147
IA-63 3080364787.572205070M6 x 10M8 x 131418168
IA-75 3080425399.581205070M6 x 10M8 x 131418184
IA-83 30804657108.892205070M6 x 10M8 x 131721204
IA-92 30805061116.598205070M6 x 10M8 x 131721262
IA-105 308057.564133109.52070102M8 x 13M10 x 162226268
IA-125 308067.574.5155127.52070102M8 x 13M10 x 162226301
IA-140 30807577172137.520120125M10 x 16M12 x 202731390
IA-160 3080878719715820120125M10 x 16M12 x 202731458
IA-190 3013010310323018930140M16 x 253640528
IA-210 3013011411425521130140M16 x 253640532
IA-240 3013013013028924530165M20 x 253650602
IA-270 3013011411425521130165M20 x 253650722
Integral Action actuators dimensions


Integral Action has developed and produced positioners based on the design ideas of block structure and multi-port function and the advanced technology of explosion proof. Our mechanical positioners are all suitable both for linear and rotary control valve.
Positioner - Drive and Flange

Positioner - Drive and Flange

Drive and Flange to ISO 5211 configuration for easy direct mount onto a valve or connection with standardized mounting hardware
Positioner - NAMUR

Positioner - NAMUR

The NAMUR Drive Pinion and NAMUR top mounting connection for direct installation of accessories such as Limit Switch and Positioner.
Positioner - Air

Positioner - Air

Air supply connection is designed in accordance with NAMUR Standard to install solenoid valve.