Wyeco Cylinder Actuated Control Valves

Wyeco Cylinder Actuated Control Valves

Wyeco's Cylinder Actuated Control Valves WY-C08GS series are actuated by cylinder. They provide high thrust because of their greater range of supply pressure, and also can provide a long stroke. Cylinder-Type actuators, having features not provided by diaphragm actuators, are suitable for applications where compactness or higher thrust than that of diaphragm actuators are required. They are also installed for on/off, emergency shut-off control systems.

Specification Single Seated, Globe Type.

Body Material Flanged End

End connection Flanged end (FF,RF) of Butt-welded type.

Pressure rating JIS 10K, 20K. ANSI Class 150LB, 300LB. DIN PN10, PN16

Bonnet Standard, Radiator Fin, Extension, Bellows Seal.

Gland packing V-Teflon, Grafoil.

Gasket Non-Asbestos, Teflond, Gylon, SUS304/Grafoil, SUS316/Grafoil.

Actuator Single Acting (1/2" - 4"), Double Acting (5" - 6"). Cylinder material: Aluminum Alloy, S45C. Air Supply: 3-6 kg/cm2 Ambient Temperature: -20°C - +60°C

Control Valves Action Air to open or air to close by using direct or reverse actuator.

APPLICATIONS Mostly be used in textile industry

Wyeco Cylinder Actuated Control Valves